Vade Email security Microsoft 365

Vade for M365 delivers AI-based predictive email defense

Email Security for Microsoft 365

Vade for M365 delivers AI-based predictive email defense, performing real-time behavioral analysis of entire email messages, including URLs and attachments, stopping threats before, during, and even after attacks.

Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365, Vade for M365 streamlines users’ email flow, eliminating external quarantines, and simplifies administration, requiring only a few clicks to configure and no MX record change. Further, its native integration augments Microsoft 365’s reputation and signature-based defenses, providing maximum protection against phishing, spear phishing, and malware attacks


AI-based Threat Detection & Response for Microsoft 365

Threat intelligence from 1 billion inboxes powers Vade’s AI-based threat detection, allowing Vade to train and refine highly accurate machine learning models.

Threat Coach from Vade
Vade Microsoft 365 Security from Alba Digital Solutions

AI-based cybersecurity

Vade’s cybersecurity solutions help protect users from advanced cyberthreats, such as phishing, spear phishing, and malware. Fed by data from more than 1 billion mailboxes, Vade for M365 predictive email defense solutions leverage AI and machine learning to protect users from unknown, targeted attacks. Vade for M365 is the only native email security solution that sits inside Microsoft 365.

Anti-Phishing from Vade M365


Outdated signature and reputation-based filtering overlook sophisticated phishing techniques designed to hide malicious intent.Vade for M365 features Machine Learning and Computer Vision models trained to recognize malicious behaviors that evade traditional defenses, including: 
  • URL redirections
  • Obfuscated URLs
  • Time-bombed URLs
  • Display name spoofing
  • Cousin domains
  • Remotely hosted images
  • Manipulated images and brand logos
Anti-Spear Phishing and BEC*

Anti-Spear Phishing and BEC*

Our spear phishing detection technology classifies threats based on threat typology, including CEO fraud, tax fraud, wire transfer, lawyer fraud, and initial contact.

A combination of AI technologies, including Natural Language Processing and sender spoofing algorithms, analyze elements of an email that reveal anomalies and suspicious patterns, including:

  • Spoofed email addresses and domains
  • Forged display names
  • Anomalous email traffic
  • Suspicious textual content



Anti-Malware and Ransomware

Anti-Malware and Ransomware

Our malware and ransomware detection technology focuses on malicious characteristics of email, webpages, shared files, and attachments, including executable files, suspicious code, malicious macros, and URLs.

Going beyond signature-based analysis, our behavioral-based malware detection includes:


  • Machine learning-based behavioral analysis
  • Heuristic analysis of emails, webpages, and attachments
  • Real-time attachment parsing (PDF, Word, Excel, PPT)
  • Hosted-file analysis (OneDrive, SharePoint, Google, WeTransfer)

* If spear phishing is suspected, Vade displays a customizable warning banner.

Cybercriminals are coming for Microsoft 365

If you think your business is safe from email-borne attacks because you have enabled
Microsoft 365 email security add-ons like Exchange Online Protection (EOP) or Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), think again.

Defending against phishing, especially the spear phishing variant, is a never-ending process. Each day brings fresh versions of the threat to employee inboxes at every organization.

Countermeasures must be strong but also adaptable. Artificial intelligence and specialized email security are critical to keeping your organization safe. Contact Alba Digital Solutions today to protect your business Microsoft 365 emails before it is to late.